The Number 1000

Topiary Garden's image of the day 2012 weeks 3 and 4

the number 1000

January 18th 2012

The Number 1000

The number 1000 is often call a grand in English slang. But this photo of the number 1000 was taken in celebration of our 1000 social media followers.

Chinese firecrackers

January 22nd 2012 - Chinese Firecrackers. Imperial Springs Hotel, Conghua City, China

Tree trunk

January 21st 2012 - Legs

hash tag #BeckBromFL

January 19th 2012 - I think I found the #BeckBromFL Hash Tag

Heron image

January 17th 2012 - Heron enjoying the winter sun

Beckenham sunset image

January 16th 2012 - Beckenham sunset

Sphagnum Moss stuffed topiary

January 15th 2012 - Sphagnum Moss stuffed topiary

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