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Topiary Garden's image of the day 2012 weeks 24 and 25

Floral pedestal stands

Floral Pedestal Stands

flower stands

Flower Stands Wedding table top flowers

Flower Arrangement

Flower Arrangement with Rosa Miss Piggy

Floral Arrangement

Floral Arrangement with blue hydrangeas

Floral Pedestal Blue Ice floral bowl

Floral Pedestal base Blue Ice

Floral pedestal in the park

Flower Pedestal in the park

Table decoration idea

Table Decoration Idea with Rosa Miss Piggy

Jubilee Flowers

Jubilee Flowers

Kitchen view this morning

The view from the kitchen this morning

Bird boxes

Bird Boxes made from old cigar boxes

Mossed topiary dog

Mossed topiary dog

Topiary man

Topiary man (courtesy of Peter Spencer)

Teddy topiary

Future Pyracantha teddy bear


June 2nd - Elderflower

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