Number 8 | Bluebell Creeper | Flower ball

Topiary Garden's image of the day 2012 weeks 13 and 14


April 1st - Orchid

Growing frame

March 29th - Growing Frame for a climbing plant

Bluebell creeper

March 28th - Flower Ball with Bluebell Creeper

number 8

March 27th - Topiary frame number 8 - Frame available to purchase here


March 26th - Daffodil at night


March 25th - Tulip

Ribes sanguineum

March 24th - Ribes sanguineum


March 23rd - Daffodil

pom pom topiary

March 21st - Pom Pom Topiary at the Bromley Court Hotel

Flower ball

March 20th - Flower Ball - Available to purchase here

chocolate shoe

March 19th - Chocolate Shoe

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